Certificates should give the greatest possible security and serve as an orientation in the acquisition.
However, the large number of certificates on the market is more than confusing, so we are always at the highest standards at ProNatura.
Each consumer should also have the opportunity to obtain independent information directly from the certification authorities.


In order to compensate for the lack of legal protection of the term Naturlatex (natural rubber), the QUL quality seal was established at the end of 1994 in order to distinguish the material "natural latex" from synthetic latex from petroleum. The high-quality natural rubber is often "stretched" with chalk or lime. Mattresses with only 2% natural rubber content are also sold as Naturlatex mattresses. The QUL certificate prevents the following ingredients from occurring in dangerous concentrations in latex mattresses:

- volatile organic compounds (VOC)
- pesticides
- Harmful heavy metals
- pentachlorophenol (PCP)
- Nitrosamines

More information: www.qul-ev.de


The interests of the back-school teachers (IGR), headquartered in Nuremberg (D), supports and helps in the development of ergonomic product solutions. Members are physiotherapists, sports instructors, physicians, persons and organizations interested in the topic of back health.
The product tests by the IGR e.V. on the usability and ergonomics of a product are based on the self-understanding that IGR e.V. sees itself as a "lawyer" for people with back problems.

The opinion of the IGR confirms:

  • Perfect fluid supply of the pressed discs during the sleep phase
  • excellent support properties while simultaneously relieving the spine ...
  • vertebral adjustment, best regeneration of the back and ligaments ...
  • high punctuality and pressure relief on shoulder and pelvis ...
  • an ergonomically perfect adaptability regardless of body dimensions, weight and weight of the user
  • all materials used are subject to the strictest ecological and technical tests.


Austria quality mark

The accredited Austria quality label is only awarded to companies which are inspected according to the stringent product liability guidelines and certified by the ÖQA.
In the course of the evaluation, the OQA experts will also show improvement potentials, which in the long term guarantee the customer an optimization of the products, processes and procedures as well as quality improvement.