The climate zone:

... fall asleep faster, do not sweat and do not freeze.
For the immediate well-being in the bed, the climate zone consists of pillows, blankets and an under-bed. The outstanding properties of the natural materials used, in particular the breathing activity, heat insulation and welding buffering, create a balanced, comfortable microclimate. Also available with biological mite protection equipment

The comfort zone:

... not too tight and not too soft.
This is about your personal reclining feeling - the choice of a suitable pad is crucial in determining whether you want to be more solid, medium or soft. Also available with biological mite protection equipment.

The ergonomic zone:

... relax and regenerate.

The heart of the sleeping system in the fight against back pain and tension: The "spring element" reacts automatically to your movements and ergonomic needs. Accurate adaptation over the whole lying surface. ULTRAflex - VARIOflex - NOVAflex

The base zone:

... of vital importance.
The decisive foundation - suitable for every bed with a continuous support strip. On request with 4-motorized comfort frames expandable.
Ergonomic wedges provide additional body regeneration.