This happens during sleep.

"Disposing of" loads:
70% of all dreams deal with everyday life, the rest are images that the brain has once stored unconsciously. Our "inner s cinema" sorts all impressions, thus eliminating stress and tensions. We are dreaming of stress.

Relax without radiation:
External influences can also affect our sleep quality. This includes (some) radiations of the natural earth magnetic field as well as electromagnetic voltage fields of mobile radio systems or television sets. Natural materials can have a protective function and thus contribute to health.

Recharge energy:
The right mattress, which allows the optimal relief of the spinal column and, in addition, by means of perfect aeration, allows the health-promoting detoxification can be seen as a charging station of the human organism. This is the only way to be fully operational the next day.

Sleep needs exercise: Problems with the spine do not occur overnight. Our support system can tolerate a lot of physical stress, provided the spine is correctly placed during the night and allows the discs to fill again with fluid during this time. Each stretching, stretching, stretching and stretching during sleep "floods" the intervertebral discs and ensures that we are up to 2 cm larger in the morning than the evening before.

Detoxify in sleep:
During sleep our entire organism works. Food is processed, cell renewal and regeneration is in full swing. In addition, the body secures salts, slags and toxins to the skin surface via sweat and dandruff. During this vital detoxification or detoxification process, we lose night to night up to one liter of liquid. Therefore, the right bed linen and the optimal ventilation of the mattress is the decisive factor. This is the only way to ensure that the cleansing is effective.