Natural sleep quality

Sleeping healthy with natural raw materials is our top priority, for this we stand by ProNatura with our name.

We use materials that are 100% natural and can be returned to the natural cycle.

Man is most comfortable in the vicinity of natural materials. Our body consists of about 60 to 80 trillion of body cells, all body functions are controlled by the central and vegetative nervous system. According to the fact that in the meantime it has long been established that every material can emit vibrations to its environment and can massively influence the human organism.

Since ProNatura is concerned about metal freedom and neither synthetic materials nor synthetic materials are used, technical and artificial interfering fields, which can irritate the body in its sleeping rhythm, can be excluded. In the design of the sleeping environment, attention must also be paid to these findings.

For centuries, people have been intuitively intuitively, partly based on their experiences, on very specific natural materials and have used them for themselves. This knowledge of the diverse talents of natural materials has long been laughed at by the "modern technique", although scientific studies show its effects and the pharmaceutical industry has long since taken advantage of the mode of action of the natural materials. ProNatura processes the fibers of these plants, e.g. As willow bark or Swiss stone chips as fleece in a special energy bedding program.