Ergonomic natural sleeping systems from ProNatura: From the retrofitable entry-level system to the multi-layer top model - the ProNatura sleeping systems adapt themselves automatically, or support where necessary. They are the perfect sleeping systems for all people who want to do something good to their backs. Ergonomic and orthopedic correct lying is a way to solve problems with the spinal column and the intervertebral discs - or to prevent such problems (see expert opinions IGR).

It depends on the "how-to". For a sleep system there is plenty to do every night. A conventional mattress can be quickly overburdened. The right solution is found in its individual adaptation in the most important body zones on several levels. In sum, this results in much more than just a relaxed sleep. The natural sleep systems from ProNatura offer you the certainty of doing everything right for your body. Nature & ergonomics in its most beautiful form The beech wood beech in solid wood comes from sustainable European forestry. Untreated, glue-free and solvent-free, wood is functioning as a "natural lung". In this form it is able to absorb harmful substances and odors from the air, filter them out and avoid electrical charges of the room air. Solid wood has a significant impact on physical and mental well-being, which results in significantly better sleep quality.