Naturaly better sleeping!

Sleeping healthy with natural raw materials is our top priority! We stand by ProNatura with our name.

For centuries, people have been intuitively intuitive and based on their experiences on certain natural materials, and have made use of them for themselves. This knowledge of the manifold talents of natural materials has long been ridiculed by the "modern technique", although scientific studies show its effect. Last but not least, the pharmaceutical industry is making the most of the natural resources. Synthetic materials may have many technical and, in the truest sense of the term, "superficial" advantages - but human beings feel really well in the first place close to natural materials. Building biologists are working on this finding and it has long been scientifically proven that every material can emit vibrations to its environment and can have a massive impact on the human organism. Our body consists of approximately 60 - 80 trillion body cells, all body functions are controlled by the central and vegetative nervous system. While artificial materials can have an irritating effect on the cells and do not allow us to rest, especially during sleep, natural materials bring the body into a balanced state. This applies to all items in our vicinity - from the clothes we wear to the bed. The bed is our greatest attention, for in the hours of sleep, we must not be burdened by negative vibrations. Rather, we must rest in our sleep, breathe, and refuel the energy for the next day - so we do not use metals, plastics, or other synthetic materials. Therefore, technical and artificial interference fields, which irritate the body in its sleep rhythm, can be excluded. The materials we use are 100% natural and can be returned to the natural cycle. We are proud of that.