Natural rubber, many known under the term "latex", is obtained from the milk of the tropical "natural rubber tree" Hevea brasiliensis. It is a sustainable product from controlled plantation management. Due to the special molecular structure, natural rubber has a unique climatic and ergonomic functionality and can therefore be adapted to the human anatomy more perfectly than synthetic materials, e.g. Foams. Natural rubber is temperature-balancing and antibacterial. However, latex is not the same as latex. For example, 6 to 10 times more energy is consumed for the production of synthetic latex than for the production of natural rubber. Only QUL certified raw materials provide certainty about the purity and elasticity.


ProNatura sheepchow wool is derived from living animals and is only washed, ie not cleaned or contaminated with chemicals. The "comfortably dry sleeping climate" of the Schafschurwolle ensures optimal temperature and humidity balance. The sheep wool wool used by ProNatura is fine, soft and strongly curled and is shaved depending on the use of the Tyrolean stone sheep or Merinoschaf. It has anti-odorising properties, is naturally antibacterial and cleans itself when contaminated with bacteria and dirt. Wool can absorb up to one third of your weight without feeling wet.


The cotton is a vegetable fiber and is one of the oldest cultivated plants. The raw material mainly comes from the North African and Asian regions. Cotton in ProNatura is hand-picked, is not chemically defoliated, not bleached and not dyed. Only "organic" quality (controlled organic cultivation) and "organic cotton" (organically fertilized) are used. The purity of the cotton is tested according to the most stringent criteria according to the QUL standard. Cotton is antistatic.


The hairs of the free living camels, preferably from North Africa and Asia, fall apart in tufts and are collected. Only the extremely fine undercoat is processed, which compensates for temperature fluctuations and immediately feels warm by "the natural reflection heat". Kamelflaumhaar has a very high moisture absorption capacity, without feeling wet.


For centuries, people have been intuitively familiar and partly based on their own experiences on very specific natural materials. The salicylic acid contained in the willow bark is also a major active ingredient in headache and joint pain which is used as a recognized homeopathic extract in the context of headache and migraine ether tapas. At ProNatura, these willow bark fibers are incorporated into subbeds and are available under the title Energy Program.


Horsehair is the finest and most expensive upholstery material. Horsehair is sterilized, rolled and nibbled in an elaborate process. This creates a very pleasantly cool microclimate. Rosshaar is used as an additional climatic zone in mattresses and nest mattresses.


Sorghum shells contain valuable minerals and silicic acid, which have a positive effect on the organism and the immune system. The "Sorghum spelt" is used as a cushion filling at ProNatura. Due to the fine-grained shell, the body is highly adapted to the body and supports the sensitive neck zone.

- Peat -

Is used in healing therapy. The stimulating and warming effect as well as the high proportion of humic acid is a major active ingredient in joint pain, which is appreciated by people suffering from rheumatism. These active ingredients contained in the wool fiber are incorporated into ProNatura in subbeds and are available under the title Energy Program.


More than just wood: The arolla pine  grows in the high mountains under extreme climatic conditions and under controlled forest management. The unmistakable scent of the resin of the arolla pine gives a calming and circulatory effect in the sleeping field, which has been proven by the scientists of the Joanneum Research Institute. This Grazer study shows that the human biorhythm works more quietly in rooms with arolla pine wood furniture. The biocidal and antibacterial effect of the stone pine was also demonstrated. By the way, the wood of the arolla pine prevents the development and multiplication of garment moths. The weather sensitivity of many people has also improved.


ProNatura uses exclusively European beech of first-class quality from controlled forest management. This hardwood is extremely resistant and at the same time elastic and radiates a soothing effect in the sleeping area. In particular, the ergomelle remains natural and is milled from the natural grain of the white beech ellipsoid; There is no gluing. This gives the ergomells the perfect form for sensitive body positioning and ensure a perfect sleeping and room climate.

- COCO -

The fiber from the fibrous shell of the coconut is essentially used in mattresses for increasing the strength. Due to its open-pore and therefore "breathing-active" property and the stabilizing, firm sleep comfort, the Kokoskern is very popular.