Do not leave your sleep quality to chance.

Do not settle for a standard solution. Traditional mattresses with 3-5-7 zones quickly reach their limits. Because as different as each individual body is, so individual should also be your sleep system and be tailored to your personal requirements!

When you are standing, your spine has a natural shape that exists only once. This double S-shaped shape is also to be retained when lying down. Our sleeping systems make this possible. This is because the vertebral and body-specific adaptation of the ergomells over the entire lying surface causes them to be supported where they are to be supported and relieve themselves where they should yield. If you lie on the side, your spine retains its natural S-shape, seen from behind it is just bearing. And that's exactly how it should be.

The cause of tensions and sleep problems is often much closer than you think - because the choice of the right mattress is crucial for sleep quality. After all, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping in bed. What is crucial is not the zones in a mattress, but your individual physique. Individual adjustments can also be made in a few simple steps. The Ispra Pediatricians are able to recommend the ProNatura sleeping system, and they also confirm the intervertebral disk regeneration properties of the Pronatura sleep system.

Your back will thank you!


The interests of the back-school teachers (IGR), headquartered in Nuremberg (D), supports and helps in the development of ergonomic product solutions. Members are physiotherapists, sports instructors, physicians, persons and organizations interested in the topic of back health. The product tests by the IGR e.V. on the usability and ergonomics of a product are based on the self-understanding that IGR e.V. sees itself as a "lawyer" for people with back problems.