Bedding - for optimal sleeping comfort

Round off your ProNatura sleeping system perfectly.

Our ProNatura Sleeping System overcomes general expectations and demands for natural, ergonomic sleeping. With the materials tested and certified down to the smallest detail in the system as well as the ideal adaptation to the body, it leaves nothing to be desired.

It is therefore all the more important that the system does not stop at the mattress. Essential for healthy sleep is also the perfect microclimate in the sleeping cave, ie between the mattress and the blanket, which you can reach with ProNatura's bedding and its optimal heat and moisture management. Here, too, we only use natural materials such as sheep's wool, kba cotton, chamois hair, tencel®, hirsch shells, stone flakes or natural rubber flakes. You can find the materials in the underlays, covers or head cushions, as well as willow bark fibers and torff fibers in the energy underlays.

However, ProNatura does not only offer an extensive bedding program, but also a very special supplementary benefit: Benefit from the ProNatura Bio mite stop, which on a purely natural basis provides a relief for allergy sufferers.

For the perfect sleeping climate it is also recommended to support the body during the "climate change" and the different demands on bed linen in summer and in winter.

Visit one of our ProNatura sleepers and convince yourself personally of the different bedding and the special sleep which they offer you.